Pink Sand Dunes State Park

50 miles from Settlers Junction RV Park - 1-hour drive
The pink sand dunes of Coral Pink State Park are a unique sight to see. These gorgeous, delicate-looking hillsides sit next to deep red cliffs and make for one incredible backdrop when you're out taking pictures or exploring this state park in Kanab, Utah! The best times to visit are springtime (when the temperature is most mild) and early summer-- though there's much fun to be had here year-round too.

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Try sledding down these big pink sand dunes. It is one of the most popular activities on the site! Either bring your own sled or rent one at the visitors center. Does sledding sound too easy? Try snowboarding! The fun with snowboarding on sand dunes is that you can do it any time of year, even under the bright summer sun! When you come to visit Pink Sand Dunes State Park, remember to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and anything else you might need to stay protected from the hot sun.