Goblin Valley State Park

266 miles from Settlers Junction RV Park - 4-hour drive
Goblin Valley State Park features thousands of hoodoos - formations that are taller than they look due to their mushroom-shaped rock pinnacles and some up close with a leaned-over angle for added perspective! Locals have called these leaning hoodoos “goblins” for many years, which is where the name Goblin Valley comes from.

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Goblin Valley State Park is smaller than other parks in the area but can be a fun place to stop. There are three marked trails that are fun to explore, but one unique way of viewing the park is by going off the trails and viewing the hoodoos up close. One trail in Goblins Valley called Goblin’s Lair is a great place for canyoneering and can be accessed via a short hike to the beginning of the canyoneering trail.