Capitol Reef National Park

192 miles from Settlers Junction RV Park - 3-hour drive
Capitol Reef National Park is a hidden treasure trove of natural beauty in Utah. The Chimney Rock pillar, the Hickman Bridge arch, and many other rock formations are stunning reminders that you're not alone on earth with their fantastic shapes that have been carved by time! It also has some great sandstone domes for visitors to explore too. One sandstone dome includes the notably White House Butte, which was named after its light-colored surface due an ancient layer being protected underneath newer layers over centuries during freeze-thaw cycles between humidity changes.

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Explore the intriguing geological features of this remote national park located in Utah's south-central desert. Dive beneath canyons and around towering monoliths and discover stunning sandstone domes that are up to 100 million years old! Capitol Reef is known for its canyoneering adventures, hiking trails for all skill levels, and scenic drives.